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RAAMP is a fully Australian owned photo studio under the leadership of Lex Prior.

Lex has had a full role in Australiana style photos and has always been able to capture that very unique image which represents the real Australia. His services have been well received and Lex’s high quality images have been used in many tourist, commercial, retail and domestic environments.

Lex finds the Canon range of photographic equipment has the capability to capture the real Australia, being of the quality required to create that unique edge and style that’s generally missing when it comes to the true Australian image.

Lex’s photos are ideal décor options and every room in your motel can feature a different photo to help capture the mood of Australia. In an office or medical waiting room Australiana images assist in creating ambience and in your advertising agency’s media campaigns these images will sparkle whilst reflecting the essence of your client’s needs.

In this diverse and exciting environment RAAMP will always have available the best photograph imaginable and one that fulfils all your desired needs and requirements.

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